Our care tips for luxury high-end products

For an optimal scent experience: 


For the first burn: light your luxury candle for 2-4 hours or till wax has melted right to the glass. Candles have a memory and we would recommend burning your candle all the way to the edge of the glass on your first burn to avoid wax tunnelling. This ensures a consistent burn with a long lasting candle and fragrance.

This is a luxury Soy candle and is not intended to burn all day, Max 4 hours and we would recommend trimming the wick after each burn. 

It is always best to place a coster under your candle to protect your finished surface underneath and never leave a burning candle or wax melt unattended.

Wax Melts:

Never leave Wax Melt burner unattended

We recommend using regular tea lights and not 8hour. 8 Hour tea lights can burn a little too hot for wax melts and can effect the longevity of your scent throw.

Keep lighting product away from flammable materials or substances.

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